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This is a special patch only available for users who have purchased the After Party DLC on Steam.
To use this patch, first install the After Party DLC through Steam, and then apply this patch.

*日本語版「コイカツ」には使用できません。( We can not use for Japanese version "koikatsu".) *
What's "Koikatsu After Party"?

After Party is a massive expansion to the highly-praised Koikatsu Party!

8 New Personality Archetypes to Fill Out Your Sexy Anime Pantheon!

Tons of New Clothing and Hair Options!

New Sex Scenes! Live the Dream With Threesomes!

※「コイカツ Party」並びに「コイカツ After Party」は「コイカツ」を海外向けにローカライズした製品であり、日本語表示には非対応となります。予めご了承下さい。※
* "Koikatsu Party" and "Koikatsu After Party" are localized version of "Koikatsu" and is not compatible with Japanese language display. Please be aware in advance. *